Sarcastic Acrylic Serving Trays and Coffee Mugs

Get Your Snark On!

You're a woman, and that means sometimes you have days you're barely holding it together.  No, it's ok - I'm a woman too, and I'm right there with you.  I'm Chantal, the owner and chief snark officer here at Serving Snark.  I make sarcastic acrylic serving trays that feature funny quotes because let's face it, a drippy sippy cup and a dinosaur toy does not make great coffee table decor, no matter how artfully arranged.  My acrylic serving trays look great, are multi-purpose and even work as home decor while letting you be a sarcastic wench when you need to be.  Now that's a win.

We may not be able to help you find your kid's lost permission slip or the marbles you lost. But we can help you organize the next stack of paperwork coming from your kid's school, and give you a nice place to put your wine glass while you sign it.  So holla holla ladies, because being female ain't easy and the quotes on these quirky serving trays speak the truth!

These acrylic serving trays make a great housewarming gift for that snarky someone in your life - or for yourself!  The tray is created from durable acrylic.  Once ordered, the quote is then printed on heavy coated cardstock and is then coated in resin by hand by me.  The production time is four days.  Thank you for supporting small business!