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How About NO Acrylic Serving Tray

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How about NO.  It's much nicer than, say, "How about we see how far I can shove my stiletto up your nostrils?"  Much more direct, too. 

Let me paint you a little picture... You are hosting your neighborhood ladies night.  All is well until SHE shows up.  She starts making her snide little comments, her backhanded compliments, and you've had just about all you can handle and you slink to the kitchen.  You slam down this serving tray - it's fine, it's durable - and load it up with munchies.  Bringing it over to your guests, you avoid her shrill laugh and commentary as much as you can.  When she starts asking you questions, your eyes flicker over to this tray.  She sees this quote and finally, blissfully, she falls silent.  Mission accomplished.

  • This tray is 17.5" long x 13" wide and 2" high. 
  • Made of acrylic with a resin base poured by me in Texas.
  • Please wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel as it is not dishwasher safe.