Sarcastic Acrylic Serving Tray - Y'all Ain't Right Quote - Serving Snark - 1
Sarcastic Serving Tray - Y'all Ain't Right Quote - Serving Snark - 2

Y'ALL Ain't RIGHT Acrylic Serving Tray

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Made of durable acrylic and resin, this tray is perfect for bringing snacks to the sofa, serving guests high end drinks (go here for ideas) or using as a catch-all for important items.  At my house, those important items tend to be Legos.

I use this particular serving tray at my house because I'm a Canadian living in Texas, which means I like a little giddyup in my maple syrup.  Dude, that's messed up and I like it.  Whatever.  Some people like putting pineapple on their pizza - now to that I say, y'all ain't right.

  • This tray is 17.5" long x 13" wide and 2" high. 
  • Made of acrylic with a resin base poured by me in Texas.
  • Please wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel as it is not dishwasher safe.