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About Serving Snark

Chantal is the Chief Snark Officer and Designer of Serving Snark.  I'm a mom, which means that while I am busy loving on my kids I am also muttering salty phrases under my breath several times a day as well!  I spoke with other moms online and in person and realized they could relate... and the idea for Serving Snark was born!


Chantal Sokorac
Chief Snark Officer and Designer

Serving Snark acrylic serving trays are a fun way to show off your sense of humor while still being functional.  Made from durable acrylic and hand poured resin, these babies are great for a party as well as every day use when tidying up stray toys or papers.  That's right, we use ours for everything from keeping our phone cords in one place to stacking our mail and the kids' schoolwork.  Because with littles at home, you can't always be serving yourself a cocktail, even when you really, really want to.