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Excuse You Coaster Set - Serving Snark
Excuse You Coaster Set - Serving Snark

Excuse You Coaster Set

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So, ok.  I was at this party and there was this guy... he totally burped in my face and I was like like, EXCUSE YOU.  He then proceeded to tell me all about this rafting trip he took with his bro buddies and I was like, OMG no one cares, brah.  After like, fifteen minutes of his buffoonery he asked me if I wanted to "go somewhere quieter" with him and I was like, Hahahaha NO.  EW.  People.  I'm telling you.  Seriously, what is with them?  Totally gross.

At least my friend who threw the party had awesome taste in coasters.  I mean, check them out.  They were totally appropriate for this story too.  Huh.  Weird.

  • phrases contained are: excuse you; Ew, people; Hahahaha No; OMG no one cares.
  • four coasters per set
  • three rubber feet per coaster
  • each coaster is 5.25" x 5.25" (measurement taken from longest straight edge)
  • production time is four days from time of order placement